Ultimate Braai Master

 Stage 0ne – Design an Apron & table cloth

Each team will be presented with a box of specifically packed items. The team will need to design and manufacture, using as much or as little of the contents in the box, a garment & table cloth, that could be classified as user friendly that will be a visual interpretation of the brand they will be representing throughout the evening, this visual representation will need to be show cased in the form of a fashion show that will take place later in the day. Judges points from this challenge will go towards the final scores.

Stage two – Cook it forward

Each team will be allocated a mystery box containing specific products, a work station, equipment and basic ingredients as well as a cooking station. Teams will be given a brief and introduction to equipment and ingredients at their disposal as well as a safety briefing. In this challenge teams will need to work as a team to Braai using key ingredients that they will ultimately enjoy as a team for dinner. The prepared and individually packaged meals will be judged by a panel including the hotel chef and scores allocated accordingly, thus establishing a winning team. A roaming chef will be on hand to assist each team with ideas and basic recipes for this 2 hour challenge.

Judging criteria:

Full use of mystery box | hygiene in preparation of meals | Team work | Creativity | Usage of ingredients | Wastage | Presentation to judges | Additional points for teams that create additional meals.



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