Brand it, tweak it, strategise it 

Partnering with you to create  fantastic  team experiences.


Let the games begin • it’s not always business as usual • let your hair down • watch the magic happen!

  • Plan ahead
  • Set a realistic budget to encompass the cost of the activities, venue hire and refreshments
  • Take advise from service providers – they plan events for a living!
  • Choose a venue with appropriate capacity for the type of activities
  • Gather key information: age range, required activity duration, allocated activity space, number of delegates, budget and your event criteria: Levels of fun, development, and physicality
  • Set clear objectives eg: enhanced creativity, collaboration, motivation or better time management
  • Split delegates into teams
  • Communicate with the delegates so that they arrive promptly for the activities and are correctly dressed
  • Where possible, do not tell delegates what the activities are – surprise is always good!